Jolly Old Saint Nicholas in his sleigh tonight
What elvish antics will occur, last trick before the light?
Many vision sugar plums dancing on their heads
Doing lots of somersaults, tumbling in their beds.

Season’s anticipation, the EVENT is almost here
packages are all done up, drawn by eight li’l deer
(or the equivalent of single moose, if you live in Maine)
presents prepared with lots of love and topped with candy canes.

Recall the happy sign you passed while on the interstate
singing holiday carols, as you were running late
“Santa sees you when you’re speeding.”
so outrun him for goodness sake!
(the “outrun him” part is poetic license, just sayin’)

Would there be a consequence for going faster than a sleigh?
And wouldn’t the moose want to stop for egg nog? (or tree branches, anyway?)
Santa’s such philosophy, is he even real?
Well, my friend, no debating the season
(Ho, ho, ho!) for love, generosity and gratitude!

From me to you!  Some off-the-cuff humor as we slide toward the finish line.

Happy holidays to all, and to all a good night! 🙂

Part of the Daily Post Challenge: Path