The sheer amount of pink hats that were hand-knitted (knitting being a traditionally woman’s craft) for the various Women’s Marches was astounding and, brilliant, really.  This kind man posed for me at the march in Portland.  He was one of many, many, many men who showed up to support the vision of the Women’s March and equality for all.

In case you are one of the many who has been asking, “What’s this all about?”  The Pussyhat Project is an amazing (and did I say, brilliant?) project to protest the treatment of women.  A powerful statement from the website reads:

We love the clever wordplay of “pussyhat” and “pussycat” but yes, “pussy” is also a derogatory term for female genitalia.  We chose this loaded word for our project because we want to reclaim the term as a means of empowerment.  In this day and age, if we have pussies we are assigned the gender of “woman.”  Women, whether transgender or cisgender, are mistreated in this society.  In order to get fair treatment, the answer is not to take away our pussies, the answer is not to deny our femaleness and femininity, the answer is to demand fair treatment.  A women’s body is her own.  We are honoring this truth and standing up for our rights.

Hmmmm . . . embracing deregatoy statements as a means for empowerment . . . that sounds familiar.  In fact, I think I may have even written about that yesterday in the post Incisive Signs at the Women’s March in Portland, Maine.  Whew!  Good thing I’m not alone in my (likely seeming to some) outrageous view on this issue.  🙂

For more information about the origins and organizers of the Pussyhat Project, Berkeleyside has published an informative article.

Leaving you with some inspiration, here is your empowering song of the day, Bombshell’s Fight Like a Girl.

She could of given up on her ambitions, and spent the rest of her life just wishin’ instead she listened to her mama’s voice sayin’

So hold your head high, don’t ever let them define, the light in your eyes
love yourself, give ’em h*ll, you can take on this world
you just stand and be strong and then fight like a girl . . .

Part of the Weekly Photo Challenge: Repurpose.  Putting something to new use . . .