Have you ever noticed that if you move the center out of a peace sign and place it beneath, you would (almost) have the symbol for female?  Coincidence?  Wishful thinking?  Stretching it?  Well, whichever, I rest some hope in the tomorrows, believing that the  future of our country’s leadership and healing is female.  “The Future is Female,”  another poignant sign displayed proudly at the Women’s March.

Today’s song encourages relaxing with dance (even when it is hard!): Lady Gaga’s Just Dance.  Give yourself a break from the crazy and take a moment to dance your clunky shoes  off.  You will feel better.  I promise.  (Don’t take seriously the part about getting hosed.  I am encouraging relaxing through dancing, not drinking).  Can you ever really have one too many dances?  Try to get your DYA above .05 if possible  . . .  🙂

Just dance.  It will be okay.  Just dance.

Dance on, my friends!  I will be with you in spirit 🙂


Photo: I took this photo at the Women’s Walk in Portland, Maine.