What a weekend in pop culture entertainment!  So much to write about and so little time . . SNL or the SuperBowl . . !

One of my favorites from the weekend was the SNL skit with Melissa McCarthy cast as White House Press Secretary Sean Spicer, holding a press conference. Soon after McCarthy opens the skit by yelling at the press, she settles down and declares “I’d like to begin today by apologizing, on behalf of YOU to ME, for how you have treated me these last two weeks!  And that apology is NOT accepted!”

Spicey McCarthy calls on Glenn Thrush, Reporter from the New York Times, who asks a question about the travel ban on Muslims.  McCarthy responds, “It’s not a ban.  It’s not a ban.  The travel ban is not a ban.”  Thrush,  “But you just called it a ban.”  McCarthy, “Because I am using your words.  You said ‘ban.’  You said ‘ban.’ Now I am saying it back to you . . .You just said that.  He’s quoting you . . .!”

Spicey McCarthy turns people’s words against them, threatens the crowd and even rams reporters with her podium.  Highlights despicable behavior with hilarious portrayal of more tantrums!

Plain and simple, this skit holds a reference to an abusive tactic called ‘gaslighting‘ where the abuser manipulates words and behaviors aimed at making the subject doubt their sense of reality.  Evil in the truest sense of the word . . .

Haven’t we witnessed this behavior coming out of the White House and the campaign trail over and over and over and over and over and over and over and over and over and over (ad naseum, I think I am going to be . . .)

The skit closes with Kate McKinnon impersonating Betsy DeVos.  McKinnon answers a policy-related question about public schools, “I don’t know anything about school, but I do think there should be a school . . . probably a Jesus school . . . I do think they should have walls, and a roof, and a gun for potential grizzly . . . ” at which point she is ushered off of the stage by Spicey McCarthy.

But, seriously. DeVos. Cannot. Be. Confirmed.  EVER!  PERIOD!

My social media feed was rampant with references to this skit yesterday.  People loved it!  Clearly, the humor hit a nerve.  Each time I have watched the clip, I find myself cackling relentlessly, while feeling incredulous at the same time.  There is some serious sh*t going down in the government.

In case you have been hanging out with DeVos, eating alternative facts for breakfast, shopping for Kellyanne’s makeup during lunch, and punching people in the face before dinner while insisting that everyone is happy, you may have missed a few things . . . !   This skit with a ‘k’ is for you!!!

Alec Baldwin did his usual cutting impersonation of Trump on SNL, this time with Steven Bannon cast as the Grim Reaper, who whispers bad advise in Baldwin’s ear.  Baldwin as Trump acknowledges he feels tired and cranky and could ‘freak out’ on someone, to which Bannon encourages impulsive calls to Australia, Mexico, Germany and Zimbabwe.  The skit is funny and honestly disturbing in how aptly it conveys the dynamics likely going on at the White House.  Kenan Thompson’s impersonation of Zimbabwe’s response before he slams down the phone is priceless . . . wow . . .

But all of these impressions and jokes surely pale in comparison to Kenan Thompson’s Zimbabwean president Robert Mugabe calling Trump a “little white bitch.” If the S.N.L. gloves were ever on, they’re off now. – Joanna Robinson, Vanity Fair

In the spirit of the roasts, today’s song of the day is Pink Floyd’s Another Brick in the Wall.

We don’t need no education, we don’t need no thought control
No dark sarcasm in the classroom, teachers leave them kids alone
Hey! Teachers! Leave them kids alone
All in all it’s just another brick in the wall
All in all you’re just another brick in the wall

Yeah, teachers, seriously.  Leave those kids alone.  They don’t need that dark sarcasm.  Instead could you school Betsy Devos about a few items, like how bricks can build walls to, say,  keep out the grizzlies . . .  like Grizzly Spicey, and Grizzly K, Grizzly Grim and Grizzly What’s His Name . . . ?

Make sure as you go out today you put on your thigh-high galoshes so that you can safely wade through the . . . mud.  I said MUD!  You were thinking it.  You were thinking it, not me!  I did not say that.  I did not say that.  YOUR thoughts, not mine  . . .

Time to go.  I am sure we have all had enough MUD for one morning . . .

As an aside, yesterday I added a tab to Clunkyshoe called “Take Action” that has listed names and phone numbers for Maine Senators and Congresspeople.  This is a quick reference for when you want to make a phone call, but can’t find your list!  I will be adding contact info for other government officials as we go along.  If you have any good links you think should be added to the page, please feel free to add info into the comments.

The featured photograph I took of the Brooklyn Bridge a number of years ago.  Enjoy!