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No Dead Ends: Writing Will Get You Everywhere

WordCamp Maine 2017 to be held at Maine College of Art in Portland, is bound to be another informative, helpful and fun event scheduled for Friday May 26th and Saturday May 27th!  I am pleased to announce that I have been selected as a speaker again this year!  I will give a talk about the benefits of Continue reading “No Dead Ends: Writing Will Get You Everywhere”

happy International Women’s Day

Have you seen the defiant girl standing in front of the bronze bull on State Street?  The girl stands with her hands on her hips looking straight at the pawing bull.  It is, undoubtedly, a powerful image. Continue reading “happy International Women’s Day”

tell me what democracy looks like

This is what democracy looks like!  Tell me what democracy looks like.  This is what democracy looks like!”

The chant rang out in the street in call and response fashion as organizers asked the question, and the crowd responded.  The First Amendment at its best.  Taking to the streets to protest a government’s actions when those actions are counter to what the people feel is right, is a constitutional right.

Continue reading “tell me what democracy looks like”

those adorable pink hats!

The sheer amount of pink hats that were hand-knitted (knitting being a traditionally woman’s craft) for the various Women’s Marches was astounding and, brilliant, really.  This kind man posed for me at the march in Portland.  He was one of many, many, many men who showed up to support the vision of the Women’s March and equality for all. Continue reading “those adorable pink hats!”

Incisive Signs at the Women’s March in Portland, Maine

Estimates I have seen of turnouts to the various marches around the globe reached 4.7 million people who showed up for the protest.  In Portland, it was a crowd of over ten thousand people.  Some estimates were as high as fifteen or twenty thousand as people moved along a mile-long stretch of Congress Street.  We were surrounded by a sea of incisive signs calling out policies, attitudes and behaviors that are anti-woman and anti-humanity . . . Continue reading “Incisive Signs at the Women’s March in Portland, Maine”

Signs of the Times

Yesterday was an unbelievable day in American History as millions of people across the United States and the World participated in the Women’s March.  I marched locally in the city of Portland, Maine with my daughters, my husband and friends. Continue reading “Signs of the Times”

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