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transitions and beginnings

The cold, frozen month of January, marks a time of new beginnings.  Named after the Roman God, “Janus” the month symbolizes transitions, looking back, looking forward, taking stock . . .

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abundance in simplicity

The holiday season has arrived and so often begins the frenzy that goes with it, the holiday events, gatherings, meals to plan, dishes to cook, gifts to find, purchase . . . this on top of an already busy life can leave little down time, the down time that is important for our health and well-being, and really good for the soul . . .  Continue reading “abundance in simplicity”

moments in the Old Port

Walking the cobblestone to the parking area after attending an event downtown, the sunny summer afternoon was beautiful and pleasantly mild for June.  The fresh ocean smells of the Old Port were in the air, and embracing . . . Continue reading “moments in the Old Port”

perspective and two-dimensionality

Visiting Boston recently, it was striking to witness the juxtaposition of the varied styles  of architecture.   Rich textures, new and streamlined to a linear simplicity; smaller, classic ones, often crunched between larger structures built up around them . . .

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waiting, the daffodils

Not so long ago, the white, shrouded landscape sharpened and faded to gray-dations.  True, a colonial brick structure seems a welcomed contrast, and even, intrusion.  Beside it, slender, child-like branches, reach upward . . .

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happy International Women’s Day

Have you seen the defiant girl standing in front of the bronze bull on State Street?  The girl stands with her hands on her hips looking straight at the pawing bull.  It is, undoubtedly, a powerful image. Continue reading “happy International Women’s Day”

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