beautiful simplicity in everyday moments




a holiday twist . . .

Jolly Old Saint Nicholas in his sleigh tonight
What elvish antics will occur, last trick before the light?
Many vision sugar plums dancing on their heads
Doing lots of somersaults, tumbling in their beds. Continue reading “a holiday twist . . .”

Love of Pumpkins

In the afternoon sun they huddle,
Glowing amber as October days,
Crisp to sunny, Continue reading “Love of Pumpkins”

the earth is still wild

Unkempt inspiration of the countryside
sea-blue sky sets like a bowl cupping the earth,
one hint of containment on the horizon . . . Continue reading “the earth is still wild”

july blueberries

the ripening of summer
patch a season’s routine . . . Continue reading “july blueberries”

daisy after the rain

simple, complicated Earth
daisy after the rain . . . Continue reading “daisy after the rain”

brooding skies

loom the strawberry fields this July day in Maine.  Continue reading “brooding skies”

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