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moments in the Old Port

Walking the cobblestone to the parking area after attending an event downtown, the sunny summer afternoon was beautiful and pleasantly mild for June.  The fresh ocean smells of the Old Port were in the air, and embracing . . . Continue reading “moments in the Old Port”

Don’t call me Tony

It’s a hard thing walking into a shelter and seeing so many animals that need homes:  dogs, cats, rabbits . . . but that’s what we did last weekend, as we were out on a family adventure.  This was not our first visit to the shelter, as a cat has been on the family wishlist for a while now . . . Continue reading “Don’t call me Tony”

keep a fire for the human race . . .

Regional schools gathered for the final meet of the season. Parking spots were hard to find that Saturday as we walked to the field.  Along the way passing a car with door open, overhearing a father saying to his son, “I am so proud of you!” My heart warmed to hear a dad speaking this way to his child in that second that we were passing . . .

Continue reading “keep a fire for the human race . . .”

red flags

Seeing the flags lining the street I remember my mother taking me to celebrations at the park. Scanning the ground for coins dropped near the foundation, Continue reading “red flags”

shiny, happy eggs

Life is filled with beauty.  Mystery.  And apparently, so are our refrigerators . . .

Continue reading “shiny, happy eggs”

one eloquent squirrel

Bear Dog blinked. Was Shirley Squirrely taking him seriously at all?  Wasn’t he was the one who was supposed to be asking the questions around here?  Well, no harm in playing along.

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