beautiful simplicity in everyday moments

bringing into focus . . .

In reflecting about the writing process, I notice a couple of factors.  First, writing takes time.  It does not magically appear on the page without persistence and dedication and structure.

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some thoughts on love . . .

This morning was bustling before school as there was Valentine-checking, pulling items for classroom parties, and packing up Valentine holder boxes, somehow managing to squeeze in breakfast . . .

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resistance in review

Today, at the end of the week, it seems appropriate to post a few triumphs that have resulted from sheer people power.

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a moment of calm . . .

Because it is important to take breaks for calm and restoration, I am posting a snowy nature photo.  Poignant to me about this capture is the footsteps through the snow overlayed with shadows and interrupting tracks.  Despite these seeming interruptions the tracks continue on their journey . . .

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eyes wide open

Today, due to a few time constraints, I will write a shorter post and wanted to include a photo I hope you find inspirational.  The picture, captured at the Women’s Walk in Portland, shows a woman solidly holding a sign that reads “Protect Mother Earth.”

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the moral stages of resistance

When considering the current political landscape in the United States, a discussion of Psychologist Lawrence Kohlberg’s Six Stages of Moral Reasoning is particularly relevant.  Have you heard of it?  This theory identifies six different ways individuals make decisions and what influences that decision-making.  The idea is that the higher up one is on the stages, the more advanced their approach to ethical decision-making and working for the greater good.

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